This beach filled city is perfect for those who like to relax by the water. The people and feel of North Bay create a west coast vibe in this east coast city. You’ll want to stay stocked up on pot in North Bay, so you have some herbal companions during your beach lounging time. Spark up a doob while trying to catch a fish dinner in Lake Nipissing. This lake is perfect for boating and fishing, and it has plenty of options to rent jet skis, paddle boards, and speed boats if you don’t own any yourself. There is a plethora of fantastic smoking spots around the city, with over 42 beach access points and a 72 boat marina downtown. On top of that, there are the Manitou Islands which are perfect to find private spots to smoke some of your Kana Post kush in nature.

You can camp on any of the islands you can get to, so bring a tent and some friends along for a weekend in the wilderness. While you are out there, you can hit the Kinsmen trail for a hike to really get a sense for the natural beauty of Ontario. If you want something a bit more structured, the North Bay Museum offers regional history exhibits and guided tours to get you acquainted with city. To make sure you don’t run out of the good stuff, visit and order weed online! We deliver to any Canadian address with fast, cheap shipping and the widest selection available. Order edibles, extracts, and flower to North Bay Ontario with fast and cheap shipping.