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White Tahoe Cookies HTFSE (10 gram jar)

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An Indica-dominant cross of The White x Tahoe OG x Girl Scout Cookies, our unique pheno of White Tahoe Cookies was popped from seeds bred by Denver’s Archive Seeds. The strain attributes to each in trichome coverage, effect, and aroma. The strain has sweet OG undernote. The high from the strain comes immediately after the first toke giving euphoric effects and relaxing the body. It is perfect for people suffering from insomnia, chronic pain, nausea, and inflammation.

What is HTFSE? High terpene full-spectrum extracts (sometimes called “sauce”) are a particular type of cannabis concentrate. They’re full-spectrum, meaning they contain all the essential ingredients found in the cannabis plant—cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids—minus the lipids and fats.

That alone sets them apart from traditional extracts, which tend to contain very high quantities of THC but not much else. While great for getting acutely stoned, these old-school concentrates don’t do much for your palate; they also lack many of the cannabis plant’s therapeutic benefits.

Full-spectrum extracts are preferred by users seeking a more refined, nuanced, and natural experience.

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