Monthly Archives: February 2018

Ontario proposal to allow cannabis consumption in hotel rooms could jump-start pot tourism

Ontario’s proposal to allow people to consume marijuana in hotel rooms opens the door to a boom in cannabis tourism, says lawyer Matt Maurer. Maurer heads the cannabis law group at Minden Gross in Toronto, and says he knows businesspeople who are interested in opening cannabis-friendly hotels and resorts. Maurer says he was surprised by […]

Alberta real estate investor stoked on idea of weed-friendly buildings

A Calgary-based landlord says he’s looking to invest in rental properties where his tenants would be allowed to smoke marijuana after it becomes legal. William Blake has been involved with residential rentals for the past 20 years, and owns properties in Calgary and Grande Prairie. His buildings are all non-smoking; in the past, some tenants’ […]

Calgary Chef Experiments with Recipes Involving Cannabis Ahead of Legalization

While recreational marijuana will be legalized in Canada starting in July of this year, prepared edible cannabis products will not be greenlighted for at least another year but that’s not stopping one Calgary chef from getting a head start on bringing cannabis into the kitchen. John Michael MacNeil, the executive chef of The Beltliner Diner […]