Comment fumer de la Marijuana au Québec 

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Si vous avez suivi l’actualité dernièrement, alors vous savez que l’usage du cannabis à des fins récréatives devrait être légalisé en Juillet 2018. Ce que de nombreux consommateurs ne savent pas encore dans l’Etat actuel des choses c’est le statut juridique de la consommation et la détention de cannabis durant cette période de transition en […]

Senior Citizens & Marijuana Use?

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Every year more and more people are turning away from the mainstream pharmaceutical industry and looking to medical marijuana to treat their various ailments. For one demographic in particular, the lack of dizzying side effects from medical marijuana has a tremendous appeal. As surprising as it may seem, senior citizens are starting to flock to […]

Beyond THC and CBD: Meet the New Cannabinoids on the Block

cannabinoids beyond thc x cbd  WIDE

Extraction tech is advancing, and the cannabis industry is just starting to discover and isolate the numerous cannabinoids found in the plant besides THC and CBD. Could delta-8 be the next hot trend? Age-reversing eye creams packed with scientifically-selected cannabinoid ratios. A diet pill made from weed. Dabs that will never get you too baked. […]

Know Your Medicine: THCA

Recently, many patients have been asking me if they should be using THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), and if you have been paying attention, you may have seen products labeled “THCA” in your local collective. So what is THCA, what does it do, and who should use it? What is THCA? THCA is synthesized in the trichomes […]