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Pink Sherbert (AAAA – Bulk)


If you enjoy a cold, delicious citrus fruit sorbet at sunset on a hot summer day, you’ll have an idea of the sensations this refreshingly relaxing strain can bring to your body, just as the name suggests. The Pink Sherbet strain will melt all the accumulated stress and tension out of your body at the first few tokes and will make you feel its enveloping full-body effects, leaving you in a calm state of mind.

The Pink Sherbet strain resulted from an accident that a San Francisco Bay breeder named Mr. Sherbinski had. Sherbinski accidentally placed a male Pink Panties into a room full of Girl Scout Cookies. As a result, we now have the sweetly delicious Pink Sherbet strain. This Indica-leaning hybrid carries luggage of complex citrus ripe fruit aromas with the distinguished candy-like smell of the Girl Scout Cookies strains.

Pink Sherbet produces beautiful crystal-coated lime green nugs covered with bright orange hairs and a high THC rate that can go up to 18%. The effects that this bud causes make it an ideal strain to help release tension and sour moods away, and its balanced hybrid properties will make you feel relaxed while staying focused.

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