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10 Gram Shatter/Wax Mix And Match


Pick 10 grams of concentrates and save $!

  Product Quantity
Nuken Sugar Wax (1g)
Pre 98 Bubba Sugar Wax (1g)
Oro - Amber Honey Oil (1g)
Juicy Fruit Sugar Wax (1g)
Blue Diesel Sugar Wax (1g)
Rick Simpson Oil 1 Gram - EndoKana

Out of stock

Platinum Punch Badder (1g)
Purple Kandy Shatter (1g)
Kush Mint Shatter (1g)
Papaya Punch Shatter (1g)
Premium Trim Shatter
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Sour Diesel Sugar Wax (1g)
Rockstar Sugar Wax (1g)
THC-CBD Bubba Budder (1g)
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