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Dino Breath (AAAA)


Dino Breath is a highly sought-after sativa dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the classic Jack Herer, Northern Lights, and Skunk strains. While the specific indica to sativa ratio is undisclosed, this rare bud is renowned for its potent effects and impressively high average THC level of 22%.
The high of Dino Breath hits swiftly and forcefully, delivering an immediate rush to the head that brings about a sense of uplifted energy and creative inspiration. You’ll experience a state of blissful happiness as your mind soars and relaxes simultaneously, leading to heightened sociability and talkativeness. As the high progresses, a soothing and calming effect will spread through your body, accompanied by a mild sedative quality that won’t hinder your functionality or energy levels. These predominantly sativa effects, coupled with the high THC content, make Dino Breath an excellent choice for alleviating chronic pain, stimulating appetite, combating chronic fatigue, addressing mild to moderate depression, and managing chronic stress.
The buds of Dino Breath are characterized by their large, irregular popcorn-like shape. They exhibit a forest green coloration with dark amber hairs, patches of light minty green, and a thick layer of oversized milky white trichomes. The aroma is a delightful blend of spicy sweet tropical fruit with underlying hints of pungent earthiness. Upon consumption, the flavor profile showcases a sweet citrus taste, followed by an earthy aftertaste that develops a surprisingly spicy kick upon exhale.
In summary, Dino Breath stands out for its powerful effects, high THC level, and unique flavor and aroma profile.

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