Breaking Down Creative Barriers with Cannabis | QUEENS OF THE STONED AGE

Cannabis has long been a vital tool for creative people. Whether you’re painting, writing songs, taking photographs, or just banging out a school paper, the miracle plant can help quiet the judgmental, self-doubting voices in your head, focus you, and open your mind to previously unconsidered possibilities. Left to our anxieties without weed, there’s no telling how many beautiful and insightful artistic expressions would not exist. On the latest episode of Queens of the Stoned Age, Merry Jane’s new series where women speak frankly about their relationship with cannabis, our panel discusses how cannabis has helped them unlock their creativity and produce memorable works. Join the conversation as host and Cannabis Feminist Jessica Assaf, musician and activist Samantha Urbani, photographer Jennifer “Camraface” Rovero, model and social influencer Madzilla, artists The Kaplan Twins, retired adult film star and current psychology student Jenna Haze, and others get lifted and explore the creative benefits of bud.

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